ISHAPE Paddle Board


ISHAPE paddle board by Badfish


ISHAPE Paddle Board

The revolutionary iShape brings you the performance and characteristics of a hard-touring paddle board while maintaining the convenience of an inflatable SUP. Boasting three new advances in inflatable paddle board technology all rolled up into one high-performance machine. The iShape is built from the foundation up with our brand new AirLite drop stitch, which rolls and packs more easily and weighs less. Second, with a few pumps of air into the patented Shape Chamber bow, the board transforms into a 3D water-shedding missile. The last thing you’ll leave behind on the iShape is a sheet of glassy water as the Wiki Rail Tail creates the perfect edge for smooth and efficient tail release.


//12’6” x 28″ x 5″
//4-point tie down
//Removable tri-fin
//Integrated water bottle holder
//Extra-wide, padded carry handle
//Wiki Rail Tail patent US8333630
//Shape Chamber patent 10,526,047 B2
//3-year warranty
//Board Weight: 27lbs
//Rider Capacity: 100lbs-250lbs

//Dual-Action Pump
//Backpack Board Bag (Standard)
//Removable tri-fin
//11’ Coil Ankle Leash

Additional information

Weight 43 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 20 × 13 in


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